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Issue 2 progress

Hello everyone, Apologies for the silence of the past few months. When we are quiet it usually means we are hard at work and this is not different. We have a couple of things to announce about the way Issue 2 is progressing. It is with frustration we have to announce that, Antonio Alvarez, the […]

Walter White: The perfect Antihero.

Villains and antiheroes commonly make choices that turn their life from the path of right to the dirty backwater streets of wrong. Yet no one sets out to leave the world worse than they enter it. We all strive to be good people. Pablo Escobar continuasually saw himself as a Robin Hood figure dreaming of […]

What I learned from writing a fantasyworld.

I recently finished the first issue of a comic I’m working on. It is a fantasycomic set in a world that I had been working for close to three years. As I sit down awaiting the release of the comic I wanted to share a few things that I have learned and experienced during the […]


I’m not a marketing savvy kind of person. I’m excited to tell my story, not really capable at making it profitable. Comics cost money though. The team I worked with went the extra mile with me, but in the end the only fair way to work together on something that is financially uncertain is to […]

The Cover is out!

It has been a few weeks in the waiting and each time I saw it I wanted to show everyone I knew. It took me a bit of effort to not release it too early. Here it is. Issue 1’s cover by James Liswed:

Redoing our revisions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, As of a few hours Antonio is done with the pencilling and ink of our comic. But Sander, you made that same claim almost 2 months ago. Are you a liar? Well not about Death’s End I am. Ernest Hemmingway famously once said that the first draft of anything is shit. A […]

Pitch Perfect. Getting the story out.

In the past 24 hours I have sent pdf-files and polite e-mails to a small dozen adresses all a variation of As soon as google informed me that the mail had been sent, I felt a surge of panic crawling down my spine. Should I have said that? Did that page actually look good […]

Welcome to the website!

The first reviewcopies of Death’s End are out and the first reactions are in. I can say that the reactions are mostly positive. There are some very honest criticisms that deserve our attention. We set up this website a while back. While it is still going to be some time until the first issue releases, […]

Development of Death’s End #1

In the late autumn of 2013 I posted on reddit seeking an artist to work on a crazy story-idea. For the next few months I was writing, while our artist was drawing. Things happened and the artist, the great Katie Rodriguez, had to take time off our project to work on different ones. Several months after […]