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Author / deathsend

The Day of Leaves.

When the soldiers came to Aylun, they were dressed for war. None of them had ever conceived of winter, snow and frost. Even the seasoned veterans only knew of the light winter chill that crossed the eastern sea when the days turned shorter. Now they were across the sea, across the horizon, beyond the sunrise […]

Walter White: The perfect Antihero.

Villains and antiheroes commonly make choices that turn their life from the path of right to the dirty backwater streets of wrong. Yet no one sets out to leave the world worse than they enter it. We all strive to be good people. Pablo Escobar continuasually saw himself as a Robin Hood figure dreaming of […]

What I learned from writing a fantasyworld.

I recently finished the first issue of a comic I’m working on. It is a fantasycomic set in a world that I had been working for close to three years. As I sit down awaiting the release of the comic I wanted to share a few things that I have learned and experienced during the […]

The Undercity of Eleas.

The Capital of Eleas is known as Ayas. Though the pitoresque descriptions of this magnificent city are often limited to its higher level: The Highcity. It is a series of pristine castles, palaces and mansions. Little or no stores are present and Inns are a bit too extravagant for the common traveler. The true heart […]


I’m not a marketing savvy kind of person. I’m excited to tell my story, not really capable at making it profitable. Comics cost money though. The team I worked with went the extra mile with me, but in the end the only fair way to work together on something that is financially uncertain is to […]

The Cover is out!

It has been a few weeks in the waiting and each time I saw it I wanted to show everyone I knew. It took me a bit of effort to not release it too early. Here it is. Issue 1’s cover by James Liswed:

Redoing our revisions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, As of a few hours Antonio is done with the pencilling and ink of our comic. But Sander, you made that same claim almost 2 months ago. Are you a liar? Well not about Death’s End I am. Ernest Hemmingway famously once said that the first draft of anything is shit. A […]

Lore: About the Grimmbreakers.

Grimm is an old nickname for death, and this will tell you enough about these men. They are the ones who oppose Death, who break it and fight it. Grimmbreaker refers to a healer who uses his arcane skills to mend wounds. They are members of the Order of Fluids, though hold no direct ties […]

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