Death’s End is a fantasy comic set in a world where people think dying is the most important thing. Issue 1 was released fall 2016, with issue 2 coming fall 2017.

Written and created by:

Sander Famil
Sander is a belgian history and fantasy geek. In his spare time he rolls dice or masters for several Dungeons and Dragons Campaigns. He starts more books than he ever finishes and he still needs to get around watching the Star Wars movies. Death’s End is a full-time hobby for him combined with his job as Support at a software company. 

Art by

James Liswed
James  is a freelance artist from Canada. In between visits to Tim Horton’s and poutine consumptions he provides our characters with words. He is also responsible for all the nitpicky, post-production stuff no one else has patience for (he’s Canadian for a reason). You can check out his portfolio here where he takes commissions but he does not accept payment in Maple Syrup.


Esther Pimentel
Esther is a hard-working young artist from Spain that joined our team to provide our ink and pencilwork with colors. Lately she has taken on a bigger role as one of two main-artists.