Hello everyone,

Apologies for the silence of the past few months. When we are quiet it usually means we are hard at work and this is not different.

We have a couple of things to announce about the way Issue 2 is progressing.

It is with frustration we have to announce that, Antonio Alvarez, the artist of the interior pencil and ink-work is no longer with us.

Antonio is a hard-working and passionate artist who we wish the best in his future projects.

As some of you may have noticed released some sneak peeks of our second issue’s progress during the production.

Sadly those pages will no longer be used.

Antonio leaving of course leaves a gap in our team, and I’m pleased to announced that gap will be filled by James and Esther, the two other artists of our comic.

James Liswed has been providing Death’s End with its cover-art, lettering and post-production work.

Esther Pimentel meanwhile was responsible for the coloring.

James, Esther and I have been discussing how to move forward and making agreements how to best handle this transition.

I can now announce that Death’s End will move on with the following team:

Writer & Creator: Sander Famil.
Artists: James Liswed and Esther Pimentel.

The artists have developed a process that allows them to work interchangeably to create artwork that is a unique combination of their individual styles.

Every loss is an opportunity for change and progress. I have always been very pleased with the work that Antonio provided. Yet, with different artists taking the helm we had the chance to rethink our art-style.

It will be vastly different than what was seen in the first issue, but I like to think that it is a more unique look and I find it very pleasing.

As all current progress on the second issue has been lost, we will not able to release our second issue soon. We’ll keep everyone updated as we set out on our endeavour and expect to release our comic in the fourth quarter of 2017.


In the meantime I can show you a little preview of the new art-style that James and Esther have been working on. I hope you’ll share my excitement.


Have a fantastic 2017 everyone!