The Capital of Eleas is known as Ayas. Though the pitoresque descriptions of this magnificent city are often limited to its higher level: The Highcity. It is a series of pristine castles, palaces and mansions. Little or no stores are present and Inns are a bit too extravagant for the common traveler.

The true heart of the city lies underneath in a series of expansive tunnels and networks: The Undercity. It is connected to the Highcity through seven entrances each having a massive gate regulating traffic from and to the city.

If there is one thing the Highcity is great at it is keeping the filfth out. Because that is how they view the Undercity: common, base, like rats squeeking under the floorboards. An inconvenient truth.

They need the Undercity. You can’t have a city as great as theirs without money, food, and people coming in and out. The Undercity has a vast economy with markets so long that you can get lost for days. You can find anything there, both at steep prices and low bargains. Undercity folk are great at negotiatiing while Undercity merchants could sell you a dog for a wolf.

If you want to find something, that is the place to be. Even the Highcity nobles know it, as they sneak in with their faces hidden and covered as if the stench would kill them.

The Undercity had once been part of what makes the shine on the pearl of Eleas. You can notioce it in the buildings. They are tall and beautiful, though perhaps falling apart. The Undercity was a city in development.

Yet history happened and frustrations sown long ago sprouted up. In their greed people turned to greedy men. Soon the Undercity no longer belonged to the people, but to a few powerful men and women.

Drawing a map of the Undercity is nigh impossible. The many levels would make any cartographer desperate. However, the city can be roughly divided into seven districts:

An area filled with tall appartments build during a time of prosperity. Now turned into a mockery of their former glory. While it is comfortable living here, it was once home to the rich and wealthy who wished to be close to the Highcity.

A series of narrow tunnels leading deep within the heart of the city. Once the central place for mining, with small housing for miners. Now it is a slumb controlled by gangs.

Near the gates it has a series of almost Highcity quality buildings, with its upper levels in the Highcity. It is the heart of the local guilds.

Where craftsmen and merchants gather. You can practically get anything here, at least if you brought coin.

A series of inns and pubs where both those new and those not new to the city lose their innocence.

The main residential area. Used to have the largest Undercity temple that now lays abandonned. Idols houses thousands of people in relative comfort.

With a city as big as Eleas there are parts of it still uninhabited. Simply known as The Shades. The darkest depths of these tunnels contain secrets you’d rather not discover.