I’m not a marketing savvy kind of person. I’m excited to tell my story, not really capable at making it profitable.

Comics cost money though. The team I worked with went the extra mile with me, but in the end the only fair way to work together on something that is financially uncertain is to pay ahead of the work. I respect my team too much to have them bet on my skills as a marketeer. Which are limited to standing on the corner of the street and peddling my ‘latest issue that dropped’.

One thing I do realize is that for something to sell well, people must like it. There is this annoying thing about buying things that you are never entirely sure if you’ll like it until after you buy it;

The only soluiton for me would be to throw the first issue online for free and ask money after the fact. I considered that, but in the long run I have to be a little selfish.

I did get in touch with potential reviewers. The frustrating thing about is that interest in an indie comic is rather low. I’m still looking for more people to give me an honest review and am willing to send a review copy in exchange for the actual review.

I don’t care about nice words. I didn’t write a story to entertain anyone but myself. I wrote it because it was fun to write. This part: that’s a cherry on the cake. Still… Liking it yourself and hearing other people like it, that’s a world of difference.

It makes you feel vindicated. It gives you that feeling of satisfaction that comes with being told you were right all along. It tells you that the road you are on is leading somewhere good, at least for now.

I’m terrified. Not because people won’t buy it, but because people will buy it and feel they’ve wasted their 2 dollars. I’m scared that I will read a review and realize that all the bad things being said were in my head all along. When you work on something for as long as I did, you begin to notice the flaws. You begin to see where things aren’t flowing well. Where a line of dialogue is out of place. You have this constant urge to toss the entire thing in the can and start anew.

I read once that all writing is abandoned, never finished. If you read interviews with Rowling right now she can’t help but state things about mistakes she made. Hermione and Ron for example. It does feel like abandoning this thing. That I’m finally letting it go because I would spend a lifetime perfecting something and never finishing something more. In a few days everything I have written for issue 1 will be set in stone. There won’t be any fixing it, I will have to deal with the consequences of what I wrote. I’m fine with that, but will I be fine with it in a year? Will I be writing this in a year?

It’s scary. It’s exciting.

Right now two people have read the comic. Both nice people I hadn’t interacted with before. So there’s no bias. I didn’t tell them to be nice, I didn’t make them write a nice review. I wanted an impartial opinion.

You can read Jay Brown’s review here. He gave it a 7/10, which I find a more than well-deserving number.

Cassie Parkes of comicconfever describes it in her review as “a rather distinctively individual comic which blends high fantasy with mystery, suspense and horror to create a refreshingly unique narrative among some familiar fantasy tropes.”.

High praise it feels like. I hope I can satisfy others. Death’s End is coming on september first. It will be available for order on the website in a digital format with Comixology coming when they finish the bureaucratic process.