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Month / August 2016

What I learned from writing a fantasyworld.

I recently finished the first issue of a comic I’m working on. It is a fantasycomic set in a world that I had been working for close to three years. As I sit down awaiting the release of the comic I wanted to share a few things that I have learned and experienced during the […]

The Undercity of Eleas.

The Capital of Eleas is known as Ayas. Though the pitoresque descriptions of this magnificent city are often limited to its higher level: The Highcity. It is a series of pristine castles, palaces and mansions. Little or no stores are present and Inns are a bit too extravagant for the common traveler. The true heart […]


I’m not a marketing savvy kind of person. I’m excited to tell my story, not really capable at making it profitable. Comics cost money though. The team I worked with went the extra mile with me, but in the end the only fair way to work together on something that is financially uncertain is to […]