In the past 24 hours I have sent pdf-files and polite e-mails to a small dozen adresses all a variation of

As soon as google informed me that the mail had been sent, I felt a surge of panic crawling down my spine.

Should I have said that?

Did that page actually look good enough?

Why am I doing this?

There’s a saying in Dutch that a cobbler shouldn’t leave his last. Referring to the footbased item that a cobbler uses to make shoes. It’s a warning that one shouldn’t leave behind what he knows.

Of course you will never learn anything new if you stay at home and believe that no one can learn new skills. Pitching is one of those skills that feel very alien to me.

I’m someone who is easily excited. The type of person that looked forward to the season finale of Dexter, because something good should have come out of that clusterfuck.

After a questionable finale I’ll tune into The Walking Dead again, because that’s who I am. I don’t need a lot of convincing that something will be worth it.

In year’s gone by I tried to convince my then girlfriend that Doctor Who was a show worth watching. I may have tried to have her watch it so many times that I put her off it. So how do I convince someone to spend time, money and other materials on my intellectual property?

I wrote a summary and a cover-letter. I showed it to the people that I work with. Wrote it again. Wrote it again. Wrote it again. Shouted at my computer screen. Wrote it again. Scrapped the entire thing. Wrote it again.

Over and over and over and over.

I wrote it so many times that I might have more drafts of the pitch and cove-letter than of the actual script I am pitching.

So then it was up to google. I found a nice list of publishers and direct links to their submission sections. A lot of those were no longer accepting submissions. Some were only accepting complete series.

Some had a very strange requirement where they needed contact information of EVERYONE involved.

Those I could (and wanted to) submit to I have sent a pdf-file and a customized cover-letter. If I knew any of their titles I mentioned it in the letter.

The waiting game begins as I prowl through google once more and try and find more places to submit to.

We’ll see what happens. I can’t promise I won’t throw something when I get a no. Besides my ego I’ll hopefully get unscathed out of this.

Talk to you all later, I’ll be furiously pressing F5.