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Month / June 2016

Lore: About the Grimmbreakers.

Grimm is an old nickname for death, and this will tell you enough about these men. They are the ones who oppose Death, who break it and fight it. Grimmbreaker refers to a healer who uses his arcane skills to mend wounds. They are members of the Order of Fluids, though hold no direct ties […]

Pitch Perfect. Getting the story out.

In the past 24 hours I have sent pdf-files and polite e-mails to a small dozen adresses all a variation of As soon as google informed me that the mail had been sent, I felt a surge of panic crawling down my spine. Should I have said that? Did that page actually look good […]

Lore: About the Brothers of Ash.

The Order of Ash are servants of the church and exist to keep the balance between life and death. In the ages before the church was formed, these orders already existed in many forms among primitive cultures. This makes them the oldest of the Five Orders of The Balance, which is the name of the […]

Lore: About the Watch.

Known formally as The Domestic Military. They are the police force within the Kingdom Ayas. As opposed to members of the regular Military, Watchmen wear cloth uniforms and are trained with a focus on diplomacy and investigation. To become a member one needs to apply at a Watchhouse where a Lieutenant will process the application. […]

Welcome to the website!

The first reviewcopies of Death’s End are out and the first reactions are in. I can say that the reactions are mostly positive. There are some very honest criticisms that deserve our attention. We set up this website a while back. While it is still going to be some time until the first issue releases, […]