In the late autumn of 2013 I posted on reddit seeking an artist to work on a crazy story-idea.

For the next few months I was writing, while our artist was drawing. Things happened and the artist, the great Katie Rodriguez, had to take time off our project to work on different ones.

Several months after this event the team has now expanded to three new people:

Antonio Alvarez, who handles the art.
Esther Pimentel who gives our comic color.
James Liswed who provides our characters with lettering and post-processes the comic.

Other help we receive from Bill Stapelberg, who is very helpful in sending us characterdesigns.

So where does that put us now?

The first issue is done. Though stories are never finished merely abandonned. As long as it isn’t out, I’m tweaking it. Right now making sure all the dialogue is fun and pleasant to read.

We’ll be releasing the first of september, likely on Comixology. From there on we’ll see.
I don’t want to do Kickstarter unless we really need the funding. Right now I’m just excited for the next step.

Thank you all.